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Ep. 054 - Series 2 Finale

This week Drew, Nic, and Randy close out Series 2 of the Tailosive Tech Podcast by finally discussing Randy’s new Tesla. (Spoiler, he likes it.) Randy’s NEW Tesla YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRKfJn6nxs6-LuTeT_aVTXg -Please leave us a voicemail with comments or questions to be featured in next week’s show at: (855) 841-1277 -Rate us in iTunes if you liked the show, or follow us on Twitter to provide us with recommendations and feedback: twitter.com/TailosiveCast tailosive.net Drew: twitter.com/tailosivetech Nic: twitter.com/NicAnsuini Randy (Editor): http://twitter.com/RandyVazquez Published: 7-22-2019, Recorded: 7-20-2019 All Rights Reserved